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What to Know When it Comes to Gamification

It is without a doubt that gamification has become an effective tool towards the learning of young people. As much as this is true, it has also shown success in employee engagement in the corporate world. Gamification has made corporate training more exciting, impactful and experiential. With this in mind, employee gamification has enhanced and improved the learning experience for these employees. Below is a discussion about what you need to know when it comes to gamification for employee engagement offered by firms such as nGUVU.

The significance of game-based learning or gamification is the fact that it increases students,’ who might be employees of a certain corporate firm, excitement and provides something ‘fresh’ for its learners. Gamification needs a definite objective as well as interactive factors that will engage the employees undertaking particular learning courses. It can also be achieved alongside characters and other familiar contextual clues offering the necessary push for learning.

The other aspect you should know about when it comes to gamification is that it has to balance between the visual approach and content. It is without a doubt that people love learning using things that have visual appeal and is why reputed firms offering gamification solutions to corporates have incorporated content to visual things like pictures and animations to drive the point they are trying to teach home.

Learning games may be powerful only if the learners contest in the activities included in the gamification for employee engagement. If the gamification solution offered by some of these firms is too easy, it won’t excite the student thereby making them not learn. When the level of difficulty is also too high, then the learners too will get frustrated and following multiple attempts, just stop trying. The game should be balanced with regards to the level of difficulty so that it becomes progressive to make it more interesting.

For gamification to be effective, the aspect of giving scores and marks is necessary. Comparison of marks points the employees undergoing gamification training will create some sort of competition making them strive to learn more.

These firms also make a list of the top players to encourage others to attain the same. Ranks may be given in line with the scores and others can be encouraged to conquer the scorers to get the rank. With these, the employees undergoing the gamification training will tend to compete amongst themselves making it a success.

Gamification solutions provided by companies such as nGUVU provide a virtual platform to learn skills prior to implementing them in real life, making space for trying, making mistakes and learning from them. This provides a strong confidence boost and helps learners master physical skills too to be able to overcome any challenges they might face in their workplace.

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