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Important Tips to Insure The Safety of Garage Doors

Garages are not just storage spaces for your cars but may be used as spaces for children’s recreational play or spaces for home projects; therefore, with more reasons that safety measures must be established in keeping the garage door safe to prevent theft, illegal intrusion, as well as damaging the safety features or installations on the garage door. The following are safety tips to keep everyone and everything safe and secure.

If there are small children, you must see to it that the control button of the garage door opener is installed at a secure location where it is not within reach of your small children.

See to it that your children do not play with the garage door remote control.
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As house owner, you and members of the family must learn all the safety measures in the house, including the garage door’s emergency release features.
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Take the habit of inspecting, on a monthly basis, your garage door and its features, like springs, cables, rollers and pulleys, if there are signs of wear. Always ask for a trained door repairman to fix any worn-out parts, as these have been installed under high tension.

Conduct a regular test on the garage door-opener’s reversing mechanism by placing either a 2 x 4 board or a roll of paper towel in the door’s path. Should the door not make a reverse after making contact with either the 2 x 4 board or a roll of paper towel in the door’s path, call for a trained door repairman to fix that for you and, later in the near future, replace with a new garage door that has an auto-reverse mechanism.

See to it that you do not leave the garage door partially open because it will have a tendency to move downward and may hit any object in its path.

Train and orient your children on safety measure in the house; one of which is for them not to place their fingers between door sections and explain the reasons and dangers that may occur.

When the entire household is on vacation, the garage door opener must be unplug; otherwise, use a vacation lock console security switch which can render the remote unusable.

Always bear in mind that home intrusion can be accessed by either stealing the remote garage door opener or your car with the remote control in it. Consider having a key chain remote as another option of preventing this unwarranted attempt. When your remote garage door opener is programmed and linked to your car, as a safety precaution, make sure that you always lock the entry to the inside of your house.