It’s a Safe and Effective Child Diarrhea Drug

When you administer childhood diarrhea medications, you should take into account many things, especially the side effects that will occur if the drug is consumed in the long term. Although diarrhea does not include a severe illness that takes a long healing time, but for some cases of acute diarrhea, the healing may take a while, for more detail information : diarrhea in children under five. Generally this diarrhea disease can heal by itself within a week. In fact usually only need to consume drugs sold on the market alone without the need to seek a doctor. Well, in this article we will give you a little information about various kinds of traditional childhood diarrhea drugs that you can make yourself and also about how to prevent diarrhea in children.
Kinds of Natural Diarrhea Children Made Easy

In general, the cause of diarrhea between one person with another person can not be equated. Because there are many things that can cause a person affected by diarrhea. For example, because you eat too spicy, too sour or because eating foods made from a mixture of coconut milk, sour and spicy flavor that can certainly make the bowel shocked and then cause diarrhea. However, for children, the cause of diarrhea usually occurs due to food and beverages consumed by the child. And if one day your child is affected by diarrhea, as a first aid make some kind of natural diarrhea following natural child.


Oralite has long been known to be one of the most potent diarrhea drugs. Even according to a study, over the last 25 years oralit successfully overcome the case of diarrhea in more than 50 million children in the world. You do not need to buy oralit at the pharmacy, because this traditional child diarrhea medicine you can make your own. Prepare about 200 ml of warm water, 2 teaspoons of sugar and ½ teaspoon of salt. After that dissolve the three ingredients in warm water and give to the child with the appropriate portion. For toddlers 1 year you are advised to give ½ cup oralit alone, while for toddlers over 1 year provide with a dose of 1 cup.

White Wood Leaf

Other natural child diarrhea medicine you can make yourself with the material of eucalyptus leaves. Maybe this material is quite foreign to you, but not too difficult to obtain. Well, before making the potion you prepare first the ingredients. Prepare dried eucalyptus leaves with the amount of 6 – 10 grams, and prepare also 2 glasses of boiled water. How to manufacture a traditional child diarrhea medicine this one is quite easy. Boil the boiled water you have prepared before, then put the eucalyptus leaves. Wait for the water to boil and decrease until the remaining approximately 1 cup. Give to children who are diarrhea once a day until the diarenya healed.

Leaves Spoon

Other types of foliage that you can also use to be a diarrhea medicine is a spoon leaf. This leaf is also quite easy in the environment around us. Therefore you definitely will not be difficult to find approximately 30 grams of freshly spoon leaves. After that you prepare also 3 glasses of boiled water. How to manufacture is not much different from traditional herbs of eucalyptus leaves. Boil the spoon leaves with 3 cups of water until boiling. Then you wait for the water is reduced to approximately 1 glass left. Give this traditional herb to a child who diarrhea twice a day with a ½ cup.