5 Tips To Follow When Starting To Exercise

Setting yourself on the path towards a happier and healthier life doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are many things you can start changing in order to see results and feel a lot better. From adopting a more motivational and inspiring routine to having a regular workout on a daily basis along with a balanced diet.


Starting to exercise can be quite challenging depending on the lifestyle. While some might think they don’t have the time or space, others would firmly believe they just can’t do it for whatever reason, even if they have plenty of free time and access to a gym close by. Well, truth is, everyone can do it. The trick is to know exactly how to proceed.


If you’ve decided to live a happier and healthier life, here are 5 tips to follow when starting to exercise.


Personal Trainer

Getting a personal trainer to improve your exercise routine is one of the best tips there are. A qualified professional that will be giving you undivided, specialized and customized attention will help you reach your full potential, while also avoiding exercises that may hurt you. A personalized workout will come out of working together with your trainer. It will be based on your strengths and weaknesses. So that tackle the problems you need to address.


You will also feel motivated because you are going to be held accountable and encouraged. There will be days where you will not want to get out of bed, but knowing that there’s someone waiting for you at the gym, probably sending you messages and/or giving you a phone call will have a special and strong effect on your mind.

Know your limits

If you haven’t done cardio for a while it is recommended that you work out according to your capacities so as to avoid injuries and future problems that might put you in a very uncomfortable situation. We’re all different and can tolerate different levels of pressure, stress, and of course physical exercise.


This doesn’t mean that you will never go over your boundaries because, in the end, that extra mile is what makes the difference. It means to not try to bite more than you can chew because, in the world of fitness, that could lead to severe injuries or even bigger problems that sometimes cannot be resolved.


Learning that quality means more than quantity is an essential step to not exceeding your limits. It’s much better for you to accept that everything is a process and you shouldn’t try to runbefore you can walk. Starting from the bottom will ensure that everything you build to the top will be rock hard and unbeatable.

Make it a habit

The only way you can start to see changes in your body is if you go regularly to the gym. Make it a routine where you can set yourself goals for every session or every workout. This way within a few weeks or months you will begin to see progress and this will motivate you even further.


At the start, it can be really hard and challenging, especially if it’s the first time you’re trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. But psychologically you need to know that everyone works in a similar way. Dedication and repetition arethekeys to achieving your goals.


Your personal trainer will help you come up with the perfect routine to get you where you want to be. That also means that you will have a schedule. Once you’re used to it, it will feel much easier to the point where when you start to see progress, you will want to exercise even more often.

Eat well

Starting a routine will need good nutrition. Though everyone is allowed to have a treat every now and then, you should ask for advice on what your diet should be depending on what you want to achieve. For example to build muscle you will need a different plan than if your goal is to stay fit or lose weight.


The most important part of achieving a healthier life lies on the remaining 23 hours you don’t spend at the gym. Doing exercise once a day almost killing yourself won’t mean a thing if you’re having burgers with pizza every day. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat those cheeky delicious treats ever again. It just means that you have to be more careful and conscious with what you eat.

Learn from your mistakes

Nobody is born an expert on anything, and if you’re just starting now in the world of fitness, you will most likely make some mistakes. Even with your personal trainer, you could still sometimes fail. That’s not a bad thing, as long as you learn from it. Mistakes happen all the time and they’re only bad if we don’t learn anything new out of that experience.


Wanting to be healthier and happier doesn’t have to be all about sacrifice and sweat. Though the whole plan does indeed include these elements, it is also about self-love, reward, and self-improvement.


If you want to ask a question or suggest any other tips one should keep in mind when starting to exercise, leave us a comment below.