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Factors To Consider When Selecting A Menstrual Cup.

Women undergo menstruation after every 28 days. This period is characterized by the flow of blood and menstrual pain. These days are predictable, and this allows a woman to prepare herself adequately for the days. The preparations are meant to reduce the suffering that comes with menstrual cramps. There are reusable gadgets that are used by some women to prevent staining during this event. They are called menstrual cups. There are two different sizes associated with the menstrual cups.

Proper guidelines should be followed when selecting the best size of a menstrual cup. A menstrual cup can either be small or large, Commonly stated as size one and two. Manufacturers have different ways of predicting the right size for a lady. One of these ways is the amount of flow expected. Motherhood is yet another factor to consider that helps in determining the right menstrual cup. The information of the cervix’s position is another advanced way that would help in selecting the size of the cup. This information will help in predicting the right size of the cups. also, a woman can also research more about these cups online before settling for a particular size.

Firmness is yet another variable to be considered. The musculature of the vaginal walls determine the level of firmness of the menstrual cups. For example, women with stronger vaginal wall muscles are advised to go for the more firm like the cups to allow them to fully open and function properly. In addition to firmness, a menstrual cup should be easy to insert and remove. A user should also not supposed to feel uncomfortable when using these cups. These gadgets are there to make the women comfortable when they are in public but not to feel any pain.

Finally, the ease of cleaning these menstrual cups should also be a point of concern when selecting the best model. Most of them, however, are quite easy to clean. Unscented soap and water is all that is needed in the cleaning process. In some cases, body wash can also be used in the cleaning process of these cups. A more clinical approach involves boiling these cups in water prior to thorough cleaning with body wash or unscented soap. The general advantage encouraging the use of menstrual cups is the conservation of the environment. They are bought once in a while hence a lot of money is saved. Hence, it takes less effort in the caring of the menstrual cups.

Other broader merits of these cups are also there. A woman can maintain a better hygiene, thanks to these cups. Menstrual cups helps in the conservation of the environment. These cups are also advantageous to the general welfare of the society and therefore more women should consider starting to use these gadgets.