Easy and Effective Systems for Plants from an Automated Grow Box

Gardening is something many people think they can’t do well or don’t have the patience for. Poor yields, dead plants or any other situation can sour the idea of growing seeds into gorgeous plants. However, the aspect of growing has become much easier thanks to modern technology. With plant growing applications, timers and other modern solutions, running a garden is now more accessible for everyone, from the novice grower to the seasoned farmer. An example of one of these solutions is the modern and stylish Automated Grow Box.

Affordable, No-Hassle Growing Solutions

An automated growing system takes the guesswork out of growing. With customized lighting, pH nutrient sensors and a hydroponic system of growth, full and lush plants are only a three-month wait away. The included application alerts you when more water is needed or when the nutrient bottles need replacing and also tracks the internal temperature and moisture level of the box. Most box manufacturers also offer easy and customizable payment plans, so getting your own box has never been more affordable. Select how much you’re willing to pay and when over what amount of time and the amounts are automatically taken from your credit card.

Easy to Use, Incredible Results

Instructions are carefully laid out in the instruction manual and also in the automated app. You will be able to set up the box in about forty-five minutes. During the twelve week growing process, minimal effort is needed from you, aside from replacing water and nutrient bottles if needed. This method of hydroponic growth allows for bigger, higher quality yields of your plants and starts a cycle of harvesting every 3-4 months. Computer systems and a mobile device app ensure that the grow box is kept moist, properly aerated and the nutrient bottles are monitored. Enjoying the …